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#Seapunk #77

By: R.A. O’Neill

There is freedom in Punk. It is the freedom of being able to say, do, and fuck, as you please. Although, Punk is a lot more than just catch phrase or a quick summery, and by distilling it down to its base components, you lose what is unique about the genre.

Beginning in England in the mid-1970’s, Punk was at first a rejection of the pompousness of the prog-rock era. With Johnny Rotten screeching about the Queen leading a fascist regime, and revealing in the fact that England had no future since she had lost her empire in the aftermath of the Second World War, the likes of The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, and The Clash; opened the gateway to the freedom that is Punk.

In its subsequent sub-genres, Punk took on different aims based upon what community was embodying it.  From the commercialization of Post-Punk, the self loathing of the Grunge era, to the feminist based Riot Grrrl movement; Punk became something different depending upon who was expressing its ethos. The latest incarnation of (coming out of Kansas City) Punk, and its freedom, is Seapunk.

Coral Records Internazionale, a Seapunk label (the only label), has taken the aesthetic of freedom which Punk allows and has moved it to an electronic-dance based aquatic level.

For those unfamiliar with Seapunk, the sound of this relatively new genre is, according to the Chicago Reader, “electronic music that incorporates bits of 90s house and techno, the past 15 years or so of pop and R&B, and the latest in southern trap rap—all overlaid with a twinkly, narcotic energy that recalls new-age music and chopped-and-screwed hip-hop mix tapes in roughly equal measure.” This summery, however, does not fully capture what Seapunk is about, as in a larger sense, the genre is a blending of musical philosophies constructed around aquatic imagery and the rave ideals of love, unity, and interconnectedness.

Already gaining the interests of those hunters of the cool in the mainstream media…

(Lady Gaga has recently dyed her hair turquoise, lifting the fashion concept from Seapunk’s “it” girl Molly Soda)

 Seapunk is something which should be taken seriously for those fans of the rave scene as it is the next big thing for the Chicagoland area.

So buy the ticket, take the ride, and grab your scuba gear; as a night of Seapunk is coming to VFW Post 7975 on Thursday, February 9th starting at 10:00 pm.  PARTYPARTYPATY!

I hope you all enjoy swimming with the fishes.


The man who started it himself FIRE FOR EFFECT is said to be moving to Chicago. We’ll see how this goes, considering that witchhouse and footwork is already staples in the blue collar city. Shits gonna get weird. Thank God.





Sobrenadar is the Project of Argentinean “drown it in reverb” enthusiast Paula Garcia. Sobrenadar - Physeos is on my repeat. Download this and throw the girl an american dollar.

Feeltrip Roundup

Yawn from their Rubber Tracks sessions. Part 2 of 3.

1984demos remix of Yawn – Never knew.



Tonite at the metro. Our favorite power Couple Lauren and Colin of Magic City will be attending. I really really really want to like this band but they remind me so much of THE GO! TEAM. Same happy formula. Pure Pop at its recycled finest. Hate it all you want there is no denying this may be your best chance at getting laid.

If you still have a second wind Chicago’s very own DJ Funk is playing at Smartbar. It’s his motherfucking birthday. The dude invented Ghettohouse. If you aren’t already rubbing bellies after LOS CAMPESINOS! then get a few drinks at Smartbar and see if you can get it wet. It’ll be all of chicago’s finest.

Info here, Smartbar is literally 10 feet from the Metro, so try and do both and tweet at us @feeltriprecords if you got it wet or if you ended up Netflixing drunk alone at 4am.

Be Safe young kids!