The magic of Magic City

By Richard A. O’Neill

Once long ago in ancient China the philosopher Zhuangzi had a dream that he was a butterfly. When he awoke suddenly from this dream he didn’t know whether or not he was Zhuangzi or a butterfly dreaming that he was Zhuangzi. The lesson from this tale is that understanding reality is a fool’s errand as perhaps we are all merely butterflies dreaming of being people.

Knowing the truth of whether or not our existence is real is not really the point of existence as even if it isn’t real each and everyone one of us still experiences the world in a personal way. We all are born, grow up, fall in and out of love, and eventually pass back behind the black curtain.

Life is a wonderful experience which at times is breathtakingly beautiful. The sorrow in existence though is that it is ever fleeting. Therefore, we must enjoy our experiences as we are presented to them as these moments will never come back again.

Magic City is this kind of band as their music is a dreamy commentary about life, love, and the human condition. Releasing their E.P. Little Bits back in November, Magic City launched itself onto the Chicago music scene as butterflies dreaming of being people. This is not to say that their music is petty in any way as their E.P. is fantastic. The thing about Little Bits is that its sound and lyrics are draped in an ephemeral curtain of dreamscapes and distortions.
But behind these dreamscapes and distortions Lauren Whitacre meows about how hard it is sometimes to be a person. Her vocals are in a similar way to PJ Harvey’s but her lyrical messages are far more draped in blue than Harvey’s could ever be.

It is in this way that most of the tracks off of Magic City are confessionary in nature. They are admissions of personal weakness and emotional helplessness but overall hold an optimistic outlook towards a happier future. A soundtrack for the current lost generation as perhaps tomorrow will be brighter as long as we can get through today.

PT II. The Magic continues

by David Beltran

Dear Readers,

I would like to take the time to introduce Richard, our newest team member and the man responsible for anything of substance on this blog. Richard contacted me asking if he could write for FeelTrip. I gave him the greenlight not knowing when he said “write” he meant it in the traditional sense, and not the current incarnation of “reblogging other interesting articles and posting a youtube video” style of writing. As we ease our “readers” into actual “articles” I will from time to time, do my best internet wiki/google/youtube dependent translations of Richards writings as to help aid us in our transition from Brawndo back to water.

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