PT 1 of 4: Top 10 Chobabies of 2011

How do I narrow down hundreds of worthy candidates to a mere 10? That’s the toughest problem with my annual list of Top 10 Chobabys. 2011 had been an interesting and somewhat unpredictable year. Some of our front runners and heavy favorites of the past, like Kris and Laura, while having good overall chobaby numbers, simply didn’t make it to the podium. The competition was stronger, the field got deeper, and this years rookie class may go down in history as one of the greatest, right next to the 84 NBA Draft and the NFL quarterback class of 83.

While there are a good many Chos that won’t make the list, I can honestly say the ones that did, earned it. I had to CHOose (see what I did there?) my top 10 based on a series of complex algorithms, similar to those used to determine one’s Quarterback Rating. How often I creeped their facebooks, tweeted them, texted them, messaged them or emailed them were all factors in raising a chobaby’s rating. At the same time, posting duckface photos, sloppy drunk status updates, boy complaining or listening to dubstep can have negative effects on their ratings. However, I would like to remind you that raw numbers have never been the only deciding factor. Derrick Rose posted a lower PER than Lebron James in 2010 yet still captured the MVP trophy, simply because he had a larger role on his team and showed a determination beyond any player that year. Remember ladies, 2011 was defined by determination.


Went from soft Euro to possible G.O.A.T shooting forward

straight guts

How one play can excuse an overall lackluster career, because of determination.

Most importantly, Strong finishes are better than strong starts.


How showing your pussy can sometimes lower your ranking no matter how well you did that year.

What does this mean though?!

This means, that even if you post sad depressing statuses and have a few less than flattering summer beach photos, you can still be considered for the MVC (most Valuable Chobaby) if you had a higher impact on my internet creep feed. In the end, I went with my gut and the list was finally approved for print by the chairman of the council of perv himself, Daniel Perzan. Who will make the cut? Who will be this years darkhorse? Who will be taking home the gold?

Ladies and Gentleman, on January 24th 2012, I will give you the top 10 Chobabies of 2011.