Bedroom Muzik


Whats your name and age where are you from?

1. Noah Kittinger. I’m 16 from Nashville.


Top 5 bands/artists at the moment?

2. Youth Lagoon, Beach Fossils, Mesita, Tearjerker, and this new upcoming rapper Lecs Luther.


What do you do other than make music?

3. Other than making music, I like to paint, and attempt to freestyle with my black friends. But I’m usually always making music.


Run us through your studio, gear etc?

4. Okay. I have my laptop with presonus studio one pro as my software, I have a presonus audio interface, and a couple of mics. I have a cort electric guitar, ibanez bass, an m-audio synth, and some other guitars I rarely play. The drums I make electronically on my software and I cover it up with reverb. Love me some reverb.


What is in the future?

5. The future for me… hmmm. I’m not entirely sure. I’ve already started recorded more music. Some big blogs have been picking me up so hopefully I’ll gain a decent fan base and maybe someday get signed in go on tour. On top of all of that, I’m still in High School, unfortunately.