David’s 2012 end of the year list

Lets take a look back at the things that mattered.

TOP 5 underrated foods of 2012

5. The eggplant – Versatile, low in calories, high in purple stuff. Tastes good as fuck.
4. The blueberry – So sweet, goes bad fast, but maybe that says something about you?
3. The hard boiled egg – Smells like a condensed fart. Tastes aight. Not sure if healthier, but I think its trending.
2. The Pear – When’s the last time you ate a pear? seriously, these are good as fuck.
1.  Harold’s Chicken – Harolds Chicken


Top 5 Cho babies of 2012

5. Zombelle – Seapunk queen, runs label, runs clothing line, has an advice hotline for troubled tweens.


4. Victoria Legrand – Sounds like a man, looks like a man. Actually a woman. Actually a cho baby.


3. Andrej Pejic – Sounds like a woman, looks like a woman. Actually a man. Actually a cho baby?


2. Grimes – 2012′s IT alt girl, slowly infiltrating high fashion.


1. Solange – only someone who shares the same DNA as Beyonce can top Beyonce. Long Live Solange.

Top 5 Solanges of 2012

5. Solange
4. Solange
3. Solange
2. Solange
1. Solange

Honorable mentions: Solange


Predictions for 2013

7. The pear will make a strong comeback. I know this. Its just too good.
6. Cigarettes will be phased out. Smoking is just a terrible habit. These Ecigs are gonna hit so hard.
5. Lindsay Lohan will battle weight issues, or some shit I dunno. She’s gonna fight something.
4. Stick and poke tattoos will continue to trend at feeltrip. It’s just too much fun.
3. Harold’s chicken will be consumed.
2. Drugs will be did, over and over.
1. Solange. She will do something in 2013.