link to the feeltrip facebook
Link to the FeelTrip twitter

If you’re looking to play a show at FeelTrip, email shows at feeltripstudios dot com. We get a lot of requests and we only do about one show per month, but we do try and listen to everything.

If you’re looking to use our studios, email studios at feeltripstudios dot com.

We’re not a record label in the traditional sense, and we don’t sign bands, but if you want to send us music, CDs, tapes, vinyl, books, trinkets, ancient amulets or SNES games we totally love it. Digital stuff can go to stuff at feeltripstudios dot com. Physical things can be posted to:

If you have some other question – you want to book the space for a photo/video shoot, you want to get the email address of somebody specific, you want to get your coat back since you left it during a show, you want to tell us we are great or that we are terrible, etc. – try info at feeltripstudios dot com.