On sunday at Beauty Bar, I will attempt to cram all of Ariel Pink’s Discography into a one hour dj set. I probably won’t be able to, but come out and listen to the greatest song writer of our generations’s entire collection….or almost all of it.

WHEN WHERE: 11.10.13 at Beauty Bar 9pm

WHY: Ariel Pink, Evan’s birthday, 50 cent beers, free pizza.






I got locked out of my house at 3am and went to a last second kegger on the northside of Chicago. The events went as followed.



3:00 am: arrive at someones porch and am greeted with a beer. There is a full keg, packs of cigarettes littering the floor and 5 hammered humans, one being a man from India who’s flight leaves in 10 hours.

3:30 am: My friend breaks me half an adderall pill and this heavy set sweetheart of a girl pulls out a felony bag from her bra and slips me mystery painkillers. I’m assuming it was vicodin.

4:00 am: “drunk girl” is finally identified and stands out from the rest. She constantly points out how perfect her tits are and asks everyone how she looks. She does this from now until I leave.

5:00 am: drunk girl brings box of wine and starts doing pulls off of it while talking about how much weed she smokes. She continues on this subject forever, talking about drug intake and how Yolo she is. Heavy set sweetheart slips me another painkiller. I am 10 beers deep at this point and starting to doze in and out of blackout world. Drunk girl however becomes my anchor to reality. Her constant slurring keeps me grounded.

5:30 am: Heavy set sweetheart takes a power nap. A short haired lesbian shows up and starts talking about how she just “puked and rallied”. she has 2 pbrs in her pocket and 2 opened pbrs in her hand.

6:00 am: I nap somewhere.

9:00 am: wake up to pancakes and coffee. The keg is still going strong and drunk girl slips me a valium. She proceeds to pop 4 right in front of me.

10:00 am: my friend Brian starts to show his pubes to the world, combing his fingers through it like a teenage girl. Drunk girl proceeds to show her shaved vagina to everyone.

11:00 am: 2 girls show up and start to play PHISH.

11:30 am: Drunk Girl is slowing transforming into “PSA DRUG GIRL”. I’m pretty sure her cocktail of drugs is pretty similar to those that killed rockstars of the past. Shes on the fone with her drug dealer and is asking all of us like a fucked up concerned drug mom if theres anything we “need”.

11:45 am: Brian and I hijack the phish Ipod and start to play Ariel Pink. Nobody gets it at all.

12:00 pm: PSA drug girl puts on third eye blind and proceeds to sing with the track, shes five seconds behind all the lyrics and all the lyrics she sings are completely wrong. Her slur is becoming the lebron james of slurs.

12:05 pm: PSA drug girl continues eating valium like potato chips while taking a selfie every 5 minutes.

12:30 pm: My friend Brian grubhub searches cigarettes.

1:00 pm: People are reading their horoscopes and believing the fuck out of them.

2:00 pm: Brian and I hijack the Ipod and put on John Maus. Again, nobody understands it.

2:15 pm: Brian and I decide to start a band called struggle kingdom.

2:30 pm: PSA drug girl talks about how she would make a great lawyer.

3:00 pm: I leave.




See ya next week,



This is my Sad Sunday playlist #33 RIP SCOTTIE PIPPEN, just kidding. Feeltrip is dying, we are all moving, we will never see each other again, I am getting older, nobody found love here, so many bad tattoos, so many hangovers, so much work….so much work. God bless you all.

1. Galaxy 500 – Tell me

The entire Galaxy 500 On Fire LP is pure heartbreak. This song though…It’s the total I love you but you don’t love me back tune.

2. MGMT – Someone’s missing

Super underrated LP that Adam has been playing a lot lately, not sure if this is my favorite song but the last hook at the end is just great.

3. Dirty Beaches – Lord Knows Best

Apparently Lauren (from Sister Crystals) asked Alex to play this song when they played at Feeltrip last year but apparently it takes that much out of him emotionally to perform it that he hardly performs it live anymore….Goddamn.

4. John Maus – Bennington

John Maus is the most self tortured human being. Just read this whole story here

5. Pure X – Someone Else

Save this song for a breakup or if you wanna die or something



Also, this….just awesome.