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The pop culture ouroboros is currently devouring the 90′s, quickly munching through touchstones of the era, with an inevitable trajectory towards Limp Bizkit and Nickelback. Fittingly buttrock lives up to its name as the absolute darkest crevice to fall creatively and spiritually. Buttrock is, in fact, a black hole. The cultural and musical end of western art. Once we re-discover it, where can we again find relevance? Retroism will have effectively devoured itself. What half-remembered place can we look to for authenticity? We will be left with ourselves, the present, and Chad Kroeger.

At the same time the planet is experiencing an unprecedented outcry from the masses for change. Those in control are losing their grip. The way we have been “living” is collapsing on itself. The machine is violently lashing out, erupting with ignorance and bigotry. But that is just a death knell. The feeble last attempts of a dying way of thought. Things are coming to a head and things are going to change.

Right at this juncture we have James Ferraro. Far Side Virtual sounds like a distant memory of that time you searched through background tracks for 3D Movie Maker. But it is presented with such clarity. No chillwave gunk to get in the way of it’s unstoppable progress. Mining the last authentic bastion of genuine retro, Ferraro has made a record of pure unfiltered american optimism. It feels like every note is committee approved. A committee that still believes in this progressive corporate machine and extols it to an absurd degree: the American way.

As we watch this very machine break down around us, our art quickly eats itself. Thousands of years of unmitigated creative and commercial progress collides. In the rubble is Far Side Virtual. Is this the tombstone of corporation compressed for instant download? The looping muzak for our final power point presentation on “The Future.” Where do we go from here?

full album stream:
James Ferraro: Far Side Virtual by alteredzones